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Louise Adamson Moore, Attorney at Law - Richmond Divorce Lawyer

Richmond Child Custody Attorney

Marriages break down for many different reasons and divorce is never easy. When children are involved, sensitivity to their needs and emotional stability must be a guiding principle as parents make difficult decisions about how to proceed. As you work toward a custody and visitation arrangement that serves your children's best interests, counsel from a knowledgeable, balanced attorney will be essential.

Targeting Positive, Sustainable Outcomes For Children And Parents Since 1998

Louise Adamson Moore is a highly experienced Richmond child custody lawyer who will engage closely with you to understand your unique family dynamics. Frequently appointed by judges as a guardian ad litem responsible for advocating for children's interests, she is adept at structuring innovative solutions and helping fathers and mothers maintain perspective.

Ms. Moore is also a trial-proven lawyer who has prevailed for our clients in complex custody battles in numerous Virginia jurisdictions over the past 15-plus years. While the great majority of disputes over custody and visitation can be resolved through negotiation or mediation, she is well prepared to take your adversarial case the distance if needed.

Education And Thorough Preparation To Help You Make Solid Decisions

Any Virginia divorce with minor children requires orders that determine:

  • Physical custody, which establishes how children will divide their time between the mother's and father's households
  • Legal custody, setting forth parents' respective rights to input on major decisions regarding children's schooling, health care and other aspects of their upbringing

Even in cases where parents can agree on a basic custody arrangement, visitation rights and the specific parenting time schedule may be points of contention. Child support is calculated according to a formula, but specific factors may be questioned and the time kids will spend with each parent is a key consideration.

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If you have concerns about child custody and visitation rights, whether you are divorcing or in need of counsel as an unmarried parent, we encourage you to sit down and talk them through with Louise Adamson Moore, Attorney at Law, as soon as possible. We offer a free initial consultation.

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